Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Before the football match between Argentina and Brazil, an Argentinean condom company came up with this ad to show the Brazilians what they were going to do to them.

Brazil won the match and their Football organization replied to the ad.


Pandhu said...

i have seen the earlier ad..
but not the after match ad..

Anonymous said...

lol, this is really good. I thought the first one was an excellent ad but the reply is even better.
Linked from IndianPad

Akash Sethia said...

speechless !! Too good!

Great blog.

Akash Sethia said...

speechless!! Too Good!!

Great blog!!

Rahman said...

Thats great thinkin' by the Brazilians...

Visiting after a long time... Congrats on being nominated for Adrag. Have voted honestly for ya! ;)

Anonymous said...

hilarious!! Took a couple of minutes to actually you know...look into the pic but...couldn't stop laughing!

Alberto said...

Ok, Youre laughing now but i cant take off the pain from my back

An Argentinian

A. said...

Received this from an Italian friend and wrote this to him:

"LOL. I had seen this. But the history the blog tells is not quite right.
Actually, the Argentinians published the first ad after a loss to Brazil. That's why it says: "Ya estamos planeando la revancha" (we are already planning revenge)...

Two days later, the Brazilians answered... That's why it says: "Brazil 3 x 1. It was not the first time, nor the last"... I guess we were right! ;-)


Great blog!!

Anonymous said...

If you want to see the real big "B" from the add, check out this site:

Anonymous said...

damn cool

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