Tuesday, December 13, 2005

Great idea!


Anonymous said...

Contrived bullshit.

narayanan said...

..but how to get the car to that height ;-)


Anonymous said...

Its really great to see that there are genuinely creative people in the Regional Advertising scene.
I'm telling you this after I've braved such absolutely pointless and downright DUMB ads on tv like,
*"exchange exchange" (with background music "I want to cha-aange) courtesy Univercell
*"Naa oru pudhu mobile vaanganum" (bgmusic: "eeeeeeasy, eeeasy") also Univercell
*Fibroflex mattresses (with bgmusic: thottal poo malarum from new and weird child laughing)
*Hello Friend, Saravana Stores Wedding jewellery (what are they trying to convey?/What were they thinking? ("hello friend")
*VBJ silver jewellery (bgmusic: "Silver, silver, silver sensation)
*All these Usman road "thuni-kadai" ads like Sri Sankarapandian stores, Saravana Selvarathinam etc etc
*Anantha pressure cooker
*Sowbhagya mixer-grinder (although I doubt if you've ever seen this ad and the one above)
*Gopal pal-podi
I'm 16, have been living here my entire life and as you can see, I have a been reading Brand Equity ever since I was 10.
Great job, keep it up!
Anyways, Great blog, great job

Anonymous said...

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