Monday, September 04, 2006

Need a smoke?

Done by Perfil BTL Santiago- Chile, an ambient media to prevent smoking. Fake cigarettes were placed in high-traffic streets in Chile, rolled with a PSA paper telling smokers: “It seems not only do you need a cigarette, you also need help.”


Anonymous said...

If I get there, I'm definetly going to kill myself.I take pride in controlling my.....vices.This would be one of them.I do not pick up cigarettes from the street yet, but I definetly can spend up to $200 for a cool ligher.Which I did.Should I be concerned?
By the way, I'm D, age 27

Anonymous said...

If you are smoking, be concerned.

It is not a vice, it is:
A) an indication of extreme stupidity in the smokers youth.
B) a way to ruin the last 20 years of your life.
C) a really good way to fuck over a family you may not even know yet


the son of a smoker.

Anonymous said...

Seems like they're just kicking people who are already down.

I've picked cigarettes up off the street at times, I'm ashamed to say. When truly broke and desperate, the smallest things can make huge a difference. A whole, unsmoked, dry cigarette on the ground is like a gift from heaven.

So are they actually offering any useful help?

Anonymous said...

That is just mean.