Wednesday, September 06, 2006


This is an interesting ad done by Agency: FCB, South Africa. The copy reads "The new RAV4 with Active Drive for ultimate stability." It is actually rare to find such a smart art execution which explains the product benefit better. Smart job!


cvraman said...

How do you say it "rare to find such a smart art execution" - its very normal to me. Don't mistake me..explain to me if it any different

Anonymous said...

I can understand this bcoz i am from the design field.

How is a layman supposed to understand this ?

Creativity v/s effectiveness - the battle rages on !!!


Anonymous said...

It's great! I really like this one.
But it's also classic I guess.

dobereinerr said...

This very thought was done for an Opel Astra TVC here in Hindustan. Still, a smart execution