Sunday, March 11, 2007

Quit Smoking!

Agency: JWT, Atlanta, USA
Executive Creative Director: Carl Warner
Art Director: James Robinson
Copywriter: David Cohen
Photographer: Lucas Doran Cosgrove


Sarah King said...

It seems that this type of ads are not effective. Harm by smoking is great, but the real reason to quit is that there are NO useful aspects of smoking. If you think that smoking helps you to think, relax, or feel balanced you are wrong. Smoking make you free from addiction for 30 min. or less then you start thinking about next "dose" again.
Quit Smoking Pro

Brian Lam said...

Well, the ad doesn't really appeal. One friend of mine from US went to Singapore and found out that their cigarettes pack contains really awful photos of smoking related illness effects like rotten teeth and such.. I say if I were the smoker, I may think twice about smoking one.


Serjj said...

huh! great image to use! tnx!

Stop Smoking

Stop Smoking