Monday, September 05, 2005

Above others, one question I’m asked is, “where do all your ideas come from?”
Life, silly.
Open your ears, your eyes, your moods, emotions, memories, and noses to the world around you and simply start bumping into the ideas all around you.
Do you remember how she looked when she opened the door that first evening of that first date?
Do you remember how you felt waiting for him to arrive?
Did you wonder what she said to her friends after it was over?
Do you remember the first kiss? Did you happen to notice that 80-year-old couple walking hand-in-hand down the street?
When you went to that last ballgame, did you notice the 8-year-old with the sticky-outy-ears and the big hat covering his head and the even bigger glove on his hand?
Did you ever see your own face in your father’s? Remember the moment you realized your parents were human?
Ever curious what your pets are thinking?
It always strikes me as funny that people act as though I’m some magician because I can continue to keep coming up not just with clever little ideas, but ideas that resonate with the ability to persuade.
It’s so easy. Just be curious. Be aware. Listen.
Ideas are everywhere around you. Start getting in their way.
So, there are some idea starters for you.
Unless you’re slightly more daring and decide to get in the way of your own experiences.

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யாத்ரீகன் said...

that was a gud one