Friday, February 17, 2006

The purpose of this donation box done by FCB Ulka was to give people the sense of achievement while donating for a noble cause. Every coin dropped raising the plate of the books symbolizes their effort in raising the child literacy.


Anonymous said...

Dear ARvind, I'm a mass-com student doing my internship thesis on "humour in advertising". Your site is really inspiring to me, and i wanted one request from you:
can you tell me / upload the Manhattan Credit Card TVC from India where the baby says its name Tinku Tinku Tinku?
And also the old Sony Ericson "One Black Coffee" ad.
thanks in 'ad'vance :-)

Anonymous said...

Nice work you've done here. Went thru ur profile and like the bit about Iruvar esp. Cheers!

Unknown said...

One of the most inspiring ads I have seen in recent times

I am looking for the 'Bajaj Pulsar' - Definitely Male ads. Let me know if you have them !!