Friday, February 17, 2006

This series of ads was run as a campaign by the Church of Singapore to get more people to attend church services on Sunday. They ran a press campaign along with an outdoor one.
These ads are from their press campaign. By all accounts , the campaign was a roaring success. Got people back to Church in the droves. Amen!


Anonymous said...

The campaign actually went a whole lot more futher than that, they even send out viral SMS-es (in Singapore, where mobile phone culture booms) on friday saying something along the lines of "Say your thanks to me. It's Friday. - God"

Jill Low

Anonymous said...

I have seen many more here in Atlanta

1) Dont make me come down there
- God

2) Which part of "Thou shalt not: did you not understand?

Anonymous said...

was started in america. not in singapore. i have the book.

Anonymous said...

uhh. i didn't say it started in singapore, but the same campaign ran there. ^_^

Jill Low

Poornima said...

Also is a story called 'The next voice you hear'. Don't remember the author- but it was brilliant. Its about how god comes everyday on the radio n addresses his 'flock'!

Nice place you have here.

Paddy said...

Great campaign. Made me smile and mail it to my friends and collegues (found you via

Would be great to know which book you have about that. or are you talking about the bible ;) ?