Wednesday, November 29, 2006

Sony Vaio!


When it came time to introduce the Sony VAIO brand in Brazil, Marina del Reyagency Ignited Minds was ready to helm the launch. The strategy was to focus on mobility, but since VAIO is a status symbol across Latin America,we also had to convey style and design," says art director Tim Washburn. Being a launch spot, it needed to feel Œbig," adds copywriter JasonCarter. "But we only had two weeks to produce the spot once it was approved.We ended up shooting, transferring and editing in 72 hours in Sao Paulo. Sofar, the results have been favorable. According to Washburn, The commercial was originally slated to run exclusively in Brazil but the client has nowdecided to air it throughout Latin America.

Agency: Ignited Minds Client: Sony Product: Vaio TX Creative Director: Mike Wolfsohn Art Director: Tim Washburn Copywriter: Jason Carter Production Company: Brasilera Filmes Director: Bia Flecha Photography director: Zé Bob Eliezer Post production / 3D: PIX POST Executive Producer: Magda Barbieri / Diego España Producer: Pedro Araujo Sound : Estudio Angels

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