Tuesday, May 16, 2006

A gud idea...gud execution!
I really like the idea of using the fitness company logo on a pin.
Agency: McKinney, AD: David Hermanas, CW: Keith Greenstein, PHOTOGRAPHER: Greg Slater


chosen©er said...

Hey, this is Keith Greenstein. My wife was bored and did a random Google search for my name and your blog came up. Small world. Thanks for the kind words about mine and Dave's work. You have NO idea how tough it was for Dave and Greg, the photographer, to get those balloons to look JUST right, so it's nice to hear good things about the posters. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

Good visual campaign. Similar idea has been executed and awarded by Sonal Dabral (of O&M Mumbai then, now heads O&M Singapore) for Anjali Mukherjee weight loss clinic. This is a different and original execution of the same thought, Balloon and the pin.