Tuesday, May 16, 2006

I simply loved it!

Its one of the brilliant piece of art direction, I have seen in recent times for "New History of the World." I love the way they've mixed two different historic events happened on the same time at diffent parts of the world. History Channel's campaign was somewhat on the same lines of using two different events in one ad, but this one is definitely different.

1789: Luis XIV Dies in the guillotine and Washington is chosen President. They shared the moment now They share the same page.

1815: Napoleon falls in waterloo and Niepce Toma takes the first photograph. They shared the moment now They share the same page

1502: The Spanish Inquisition begins and Leonardo Da Vinci studies the anatomy.

1668: Newton invents the telescope and the Ninjas appear in Japan. Via


Anonymous said...

nice ideas but there's a little (indeed, big mistake) in the first ad: Louis XVI didn't die in 1789 but in 1793 (january the 21st)...

Anonymous said...

Excellent ads! i read your blog at every post but i'm sorry you've made a mistake: it's not Louis XIV but Louis XVI who dies in the guillotine...and sorry for my english... i'm french :)

Bravo for your blog!

Anonymous said...

apart from the mistake pointed out brilliant ad. art direction takes the cake. an idea done often but art director makes the difference here.

Anonymous said...

wow 1 out of 3 correct. the idea is gteat. but please, newton invented telescope? not really http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Telescope#History