Monday, June 26, 2006

Cannes Exclusive!

Type Of Advertisement: Magazine
Category: Household
Advertiser: KM CASA
Product or Service: FLOOR WAX EASY SHINE
Entrant Company, City: LODUCCA PUBLICIDADE, Sao Paulo
Metal won: Bronze


Chef JoAnna said...

that's a good one!

Anonymous said...

technically speaking,imho the use of CG doesn't help this narrative at all. for me it took some time to catch the light reflecting from the waxed floor because there is not much contrast in the shades, no detail in the reflection, plus they have avoided casting the shadow of the cable, wich could have made it easier to understand. i wonder why didn't they just use a simple photo... for me the idea of a reflecting floor is more important than the 60's look. otherwise a nice idea : )