Monday, April 17, 2006

In India people go beyond praying gods! One such religious attempt has been smartly transformed into a brilliant guerilla for a pain relief tablet called Zonex! Religion is a very sensitive issue to handle in advertising in India. You need to have guts. I think the agency has lots. The agency behind this idea is called Idiots! I hope thats what RSS will say to them!


Kaps said...

are u sure that this is india. body piercing of this sort (usually happens during Thaipusam) is banned in india. this practise is prevalent in Malaysia and Singapore. the backdrop looks more like Kuala Lumpur (or is Mumbai?).

Anonymous said...

It is mumbai - I can say that because I actually saw it happening. I think it was around 10 am on a weekday. They held up traffic!!

Anonymous said...

It definitely is Bombay brother
Look at the BG of the top pic... that's the Taj hotel at the Gateway of India.

Queer though that none of the newspapers covered it. We've got a bunch of jobless papers (like midday, mumbai mirror) which are perpetually on the lookout for such musings.

Newayz... Cheers!