Thursday, April 20, 2006

Saturday, April 29, 2006 and Sunday, April 30, 2006 - Awards, Exhibitions, Seminars, Dinners and Fun!

Finally, India has an advertising festival of its own - GOAFEST. Not an 'awards night' within the confines of a five-star hotel, but an advertising festival on the sun-bleached sands of Goa at a specially designed venue called the Advillage. A festival of not just celebration of awards, but celebrating it in spirit. And what better place than the reveller's paradise Goa?

'Ariel' view of advillage!

Shake a leg, share an idea with creative, media professionals and marketing heads. And rub shoulders with people you see in the award books. Get to attend seminars, check out the shortlist and above all, get ready for some pure unadulterated fun in the sun. Mind you, considering the sports we have in store for you, beach volleyball will seem pretty tame by comparison. So let's celebrate and recognise some truly inspiring work. And while you're at it, get your sun-tan lotions and your beach gear out, it's surf time!

Guys and gals! I am going to be there and the news is i have some entries waiting to win there! My nick name in the goa fest is Creative Criminal. Let's meet up in between our hangovers! Cheers!

And if you haven't registered yet, quick, pull up your on the image above, registration is going to close soon!


J said...

WOW! Do blog about it after you're back.

Arvind said...

sure! aren't you coming?