Saturday, May 05, 2007


Text in the card:
Wet your finger and rub to find out what millions of women feel
After following the instructions, thanks to a special ink, the word NOTHING appears underneath.
Text back of card:
Over two million girls suffer genital mutilation every year. The AMAM association has very few members and strictly limited funds, for which reason it had to run a campaign with few resources but convincing, with a high profile. This is why a free postcard was chosen, to be distributed at strategic points where the target audience was to be found: arthouse cinemas, theatres, galleries, etc. The postcard’s impact was visible very quickly, with donations, e-mails and even mentions in the media.
Agency: Contrapunto Barcelona
Client: AMAM España
Creative Director: Tomás Oliva, Manuel Padilla
Art Director: Lorena Martí
Photography: Guixa


Laura Moncur said...

I find it interesting that some groups are so bothered by genital mutilation of females, yet male genital mutilation is so commonplace.

We need to stop circumcision at home before we stick our noses into other countries' habits.

Andrew said...

Insane comment preceding this one aside, I like this ad campaign. It is very powerful and engaging.