Friday, May 25, 2007

Nike Momentum!

Director Nacho Gayán goes underground to offer us a totally different look
of the sports world. Outside big stadium and crowds, the ultimate challenge
is to face your inner fears, gaining success and respect among equals.

100 gipsy drummers get together with world class athletes in the new Nike’sad. The film introduces us into industrial settings and marginal stages toview a tension charged fight. The atmosphere´s intensity grows at thestrong beat of the public clapping and the occasional defying shouts thatcontenders address to each other.

Client: Nike
Agency: Villarrosàs
Creative directors: Oriol Villar / Fernando Codina
Art director: Enric Soldevila
Copywriter: Tuning
Account executives: Pablo Zea / Juan Badilla
Agency producer: Melanie Andrada

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shenddesign said...

Good idea.. Good concept.