Saturday, May 05, 2007

Eye On Asia!

Grey Global Group has just completed its second in-dept Eye On Asia study on consumer insights and trends across the region. Along with it is a brand new ad campaign, created by Grey's Regional ECD Todd McCracken and his team of honchos. Here are the ads, each artfully crafted and bringing a stimulating consumer insight to life.

Creative Director: Todd McCracken.
Writers: Todd McCracken, Craig Love Mahesan M., Justin Lim (India ad)
Art Directors: LenCheeseman, Todd McCracken
Designers: Andy Salisbury, Alex Gallacher (India), Amanda Oliver (HK, Gandhi, Japan) Jason Bowden (China/India)
Typographers: Hayden Doughty
Illustrators: Nigel Buchanan (Korea, Japan), Ev Purdie (Bartender), David Partridge (Dragon), Andy Salisbury (Gandhi), Simon Cohen (Singapore)
Photography: Steve Bonniface (India)
Stylist: Kenzy Cheeseman (India)

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