Tuesday, July 25, 2006

Kids Flip For Nicktoons

Kids Flip For Nicktoons
Network Uses Flip Books To Promote New Shows and Teach Kids About Animation

Nicktoons Network is giving kids everywhere a chance to learn about animation through the distribution of flip books that play back full-motion clips from two new original animated shows with a simple flip-of-a-thumb. The flip books will be distributed free to kids all summer long through Nicktoon Networks very first cross-country mobile tour, at Comic-Con International and during the Nicktoons Network Animation Festival at Nicktoons Studios. "Nicktoons Network is excited to provide kids with a fun interactive experience that helps teach them about the art of animation," said Sue Kim, a Nicktoons Network representative. "The flip books showcase scenes from two of our premiere original animated properties Skyland and Kappa Mikey."

Originally invented in 1882 flip books create the optical illusion of motion when images stacked in sequential stages of movement are flipped. Recognized as one of the earliest forms of interactive multimedia on record, flip books are now coming back into style as an innovative new marketing tool. "In this age of high tech interactive multimedia, the simplicity of flip books is not only refreshing, but its illusion is even more captivating than ever," said Jeffrey Kay, President of Flippies, manufacturer of the custom flip books. "What better way for Nicktoons Network to capture kids attention and deliver clips from their new shows while teaching the fundamentals of animation then through the use of a flip book."

Companies or individuals interested in creating their own custom flip books can visit Flippies online at http://www.flippies.com/ for more information.

Monday, July 24, 2006

Pleasure of writing!

Amazing ad for Mont Blac!

Advertising for Advertising!

Done by BDDP Fils, France. I am planning to put this up as posters in my cubicle. Gud one.

Wishful Thinking!

The copy reads "Please don't make the logo bigger! - Issued in the interest of advertising by Fisheye and Media Mindscapes." (Saw this in Bangalore....Gud one!

Wednesday, July 19, 2006


The copy reads "Supercharged vitamins for kids." Done by Lowe Bull, Johannesburg.

Impossible is Nothing!

A briliant ambient media for Adidais showing a guy dragging a bus. The bus was full of images from the “Impossible Is Nothing” campaign.


The copy reads “New Ford Ranger XLT. Coming Soon”. Brilliant!

Monday, July 17, 2006


Agency: Lowe & Partners, Malaysia, Kuala Lumpur
Creative Director: Adrian Miller
Copywriter: Adrian Miller, Gavin Simpson
Art Director: Ian Lee, James Yap
Photographer: Allen Dang

What Crap?!!

I seriously don't get it. Do you?


Nice ad! Thanks Karolis Grinkus, for sending me the ad!

Thursday, July 13, 2006

Cut them out!

A campaign done for Amnesty International to save the political prisioners.

ACRES, Singapore

A campaign for ACRES: Singapore, Animal Concerns Research & Education Society. The headline reads 'Illegal logging kills more than just trees.' The campaign was done by Y&R, Singapore.

Forgotten Wallets!

"Forgotten" wallets were left aroun the city of São Paulo, Brazil. Inside was a sticker saying " You found the wallet, Now find what to put inside of it: Read Caderno de Economia do Estadão" Via

You are watched!

Montreal-based Freeset Interactive has developed “The Human Locator”. The Human Locator analyzes input of one camera in real time, sending detailed information of the localization, size and movements of the people who pass. This information later is used to control and to generate output that it can result in projections, video, graphical animations, mechanical apparatus and sound, inside of a store on window displays, inside shops or on public signage. Via

Intelligent Mini!

Intelligent campaign made for MINI.


The copy reads "Reach out to children with Autism"


Brilliant idea i guess!


Interesting art execution!

Wednesday, July 12, 2006

Ha ha ha!

Amazing! Anyone knows the agency?

Monday, July 10, 2006


This ad was done for sleep aid formula (If I am right) won a silver at Cannes! Brilliant!

Bright idea!

"Plasma HID300% brighter than regular headlights"
Stickers were placed in select car park locations and car workshops to stress their message where the product was sold. Agency: Lucideas, Malaysia


Clan and crisp! Anyone know the agency and the brains behind?

Thursday, July 06, 2006

Interesting Art!

An interesting campaign done for an adult comic store which won clio bronze and montreux gold, done by Gerrit Kleinfeld for scholz & friends (hamburg/germany).

Tuesday, July 04, 2006



Done by 10 AM Communications, Singapore for Red Bull. They sent Red Bull along with a box with thousand pieces of completely white puzzle where the copy reads "Bring it On".


Interesting art!

Copywriter: Vidhi Shah Art Director: Sanket Pathare

A recent football ad which I loved!

For those who don't understand here's the explanation. In India if you're getting into a temple you need to remove your footwear outside. What we see here is a shot of temple entrance with lot of soccer shoes. I don't remember who sent me this ad but welldone.