Friday, December 29, 2006


Brand: Smash Innerwear

Thursday, December 28, 2006

Looking for seafood?

A Guerilla to promote the at a restaurant named Spar by placing artificial clams on the beaches of Mumbai, India. When you open thhe clams there´s a text inside saying: " Looking for seafood? Spars Seafood festival"


Hits you hard! What a powerful way to use the staplers in the magazine as an idea for your campaign! Brilliant! Agency????


I'm seeing a stunning art campaign after a long time! The line reads "Adventure is everywhere"!

Sensitive skin!

Agency: Draft FCB, Germany
Creative Director: Bernd Bender-Asbeck
Art Director: Mark Freiboth
Copywriter: Arne König
Photographer: Moritz Nicolaus Schmid

Friday, December 22, 2006

Try it on. Boys!

An interesting idea executed for American Apparel. The line reads "Try it on. Boys"

Thursday, December 21, 2006

NO Boundaries

Ed labetski from Baltic FCB sent me this interesting film. Check it out!


F.A.A.D.A. A Spanish foundation created in defence of the animals, wanted to promote adoption and sponsoring in their annual summit. They needed pictures of people with their mascots. So they sent an email to some friends and colleagues asking for them and suddenly became almost viral. They received hundreds of pictures from all around the country.

Lots of people break relationships too easily. Every day thousands of animals are abandoned and sacrificed. Sponsor it for only 6 € per day or adopt it. It needs you.

Agency: Contrapunto Barcelona
Client: F.A.A.D.A Fundación
Creative directors: Tomás Oliva / Manuel Padilla
Copywriters: Emma Piquer / Aleix Bou
Art directors: Deny Zatariano / David García

Amnesty International!

Agency: Ruiz Nicoli Líneas Madrid
Client: Amnesty International
Copywriter: Álvaro J. Urueña
Art Director: Alex Canora
Executive Creative Director: Delfín Martín

Sanex ad goes live!

How do you turn 100 virtually naked strangers into beautiful mesmerising skin cells? See how Director Lucy Blaksted, well known for TV series 'Imagine', achieved it over a three day shoot at Pinewood studios, with a crew of 45 including four skin airbrush artists and divers to film skin cells underwater. The Sanex advert to celebrate skin has gone live today on - a UK exclusive!

Ambi pur!

Client: Sara Lee Singapore
Agency: Grey Global Group Singapore
Client Service: Jimmy Teo, Cindy Khaw
Executive Creative Director: Jeff Orr
Creative Directors: Koh Hwee Peng, Justin Lim
Photographer: Photolibrary, Corbis, Ric Tang/Shutterbug
Retoucher: Felix Wang Digital Imaging

Obesity is suicide!

Line reads: "Obesity is suicide. But it doesn’t have to end this way. Find out how bariatric surgery can help. The Northern Bariatric Surgery Institute."
Agency: Blattner BrunnerAgency
Client: The Northern Bariatric Surgery Institute
Art Director: Brandon Knowlden
Art Director: Doug Dean
Writer: Ray Pekich
Photographer: Ric Evans
Retoucher: Dwight Pritchett

Thursday, December 14, 2006

Living skin!

Sanex is creating a beautiful film that transforms over 100 bare people into living skin cells.
For their new brand campaign Sanex shows how it is different from other skincare products, because it works with your skin's natural processes to keep it at its healthy best. The first released stills from the TV shoot with over 100 bodies imitating skin cells. Watch out for more stills and behind the scenes movies in the next few weeks.


This action consisted of three different child faces of various ethnic backgrounds: Asian, Black and Indian. The mouth had an opening just where the coin to release the supermarket cart is inserted. Each coin would symbolically feed a child. Under the image could read: "You can feed a child for two days with what you spend renting this cart.Help"

Monday, December 11, 2006

Karstadt Quelle Insurance

Smart and effective ambient idea for Dental implant insurance.
Agency: JUNG von MATT, Hamburg
Creative Director: Deneke von Weltzien
Art Director: Jan Knauss
Copywriter: Thies Schuster/Max Biedermann
Photographer: Chon Choi
Typographer: Anke Borchers
Producer: Marcus Loick


Interesting campaign. The line reads "Don't be afraid"!
Anyone knows the agency?


Shocking creative! But not for this brand! Any comments???
Agency: Saatchi & Saatchi, Guangzhou, China
Creative Director: Polly Chu
Art Director: Darren Cheung
CopyWriter: Black Wu

Oil of Olay!

An ad for Oil of Olay by Saatchi & Saatchi, Germany. Quite interesting!

Friday, December 08, 2006

Starlight Cinema

The line reads "The largest Outdoor Cinema Festival in Asia 1-19 August Sentul Park, Kuala Lumpur 27 Sept - 7 Oct The Padang, Singapore. "

Agency: BatesAsia, Malaysia
Executive Creative Director: Ajay Thrivikraman
Creative Director / Art director / Copywriter: Roni Johann

Monday, December 04, 2006

Punk Bike

This was a poster done for a 11 stage mountain bike race with no rules called "The Punk Bike ". If the ride doesn’t kill you, the after-party will.
Agency: Blattner BrunnerAgnecy
Art Director: Steve Farrar
Writer: Ray Pekich
Photographer: Walsh Photography