Thursday, June 28, 2007

Konakai - Sushi!

Creative Director: A.M. Spiliotopoulou
Copy: A.M. Spiliotopoulou
Art Director: Yanna Polydouri
Photographer: George Drakopoulos
Food Stylist: Tina Webb
Illustrator: Konstandinos Protogeridis
Acount: Evita Kalogiorga, Tina Spanomaniki
Agency: Lowe Athens

Monday, June 25, 2007


ChallengeOptimus is a mobile phone company based in Portugal. Their task was to create a brand experience targeted to young people within a big music festival context. They provided a solution by a service called “Broad Shoulders”. Ten big men offered their Broad Shoulders for people to climb in order to see better the concerts or just to find a lost friend amongst the crowd. This service was greatly accepted by young people, creating word of mouth in the three days of the music festival as more people were asking for the Broad Shoulders service.

Advertising Agency: Torke Stunt

Creative Directors: André Rabanea, Pedro Alegria

Art Directors: Hugo Tornelo, João Pereira

Copywriter: Gustavo Blanco

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

Fedex - Express!

Brilliant thought!
Creative: Nicholas Tasker

Monday, June 11, 2007

Cannes Lions 2005 I Fedex - just in time...

Countdown for cannes.... Jus' saw this interesting piece of work...

Wednesday, June 06, 2007

Karen Ann Fisshing Charters!

Advertising Agency: Team Eastern Block ~ Agency website: ~ Creatives directors: Vladislav Ivangorodsky, Marcin Markiewicz ~ Producer: Jermy Foxovich ~ Editorial: Red Car, New York ~ Editor: Edward W. Einhorn ~ Director: Vladislav Ivangorodsky, Marcin Markiewicz ~ D.P: Vladislav Ivangorodsky, Marcin Markiewicz ~ Music House: The Horse

Columbia Sportss Wear!

Ben Carter from Borders Perrin Norrander ( sent me this commercial which they've done for Columbia Sportswear. Using the company president to promote a product is nothing new. Using cutelittle animals is nothing new. Using cute little animals to hump the leg of the company that's uncharted territory says Ben Carter. Check it out.

Tuesday, June 05, 2007

Puebla Express Car Service!

To help Puebla Express Car Service reach customers, we partnered up with Kate Kearney's, a local bar. Then we combined their two business cards: on one side of the card is Kate Kearney's information, and on the otherside is Puebla Express Car Service's information.

Advertised brand: Puebla Express
Advert title(s): Bar
Advertising Agency: Team Eastern Block
Agency website:
Creative director: Marcin Markiewicz, Vladislav Ivangorodsky

Oral-B Mouth wash!

Title: Telephonic List
Client: Oral-B (mouth wash)
Tagline: Against bad breath
Creative Director: Ruy Lindenberg
Art Director: Adalberto Santana