Tuesday, October 03, 2006

Young idea!

Pretty simple and clear. This ad is for Olay anti-ageing cream.


Anonymous said...

One: Excelent, as usual!

Two: I've commented around here before, yet i haven't introduced myself. I'm, in Realspace, Beto Agudelo, a visual media designer from Colombia.

Right now, i'm kinda working with a drug prevention fund in my town; we're setting up a sensibilization "tunnel" for yougsters on several places of the city, and one of the tunnel stages works around audio-visual experience, so we're hard at work trying to find videos, tv ads and audiovisual material about drugs and drug prevention; it would be helpful if someone connected with media not easily reachable from here - someone like you - would be able to send us or provide us with source material about the theme.

The main page of the foundation, if you wish to take a look and validate my info, is http://www.pulsoadictosalavida.com (In spanish)

If you think you're able to help us, please write to me at mornatur@gmail.com, or to Luis Felipe Zuluaga, the foundation director to my city, at, direccion@pulsoadictosalavida.com. Thanks in advance.

Movie Mazaa said...


Ur blog is simply super-wow, and I should admit I came across it quite late in the day. However I have been asking my students to pay ur place a visit, since they are in the midst of an assignment on the "best of advertising". And ur blog has been a big help.

I would however, like to make a suggestion. Since this is a huge resource, it would have been immensely helpful, if u had divided the space into monthly archives. All those splendid images hoarded on a single page, makes it kinda difficult to load up, especially on slow connections as the ones that we have here! Not just difficult, we end up having the boxes with red crosses instead of the pictures, after the topmost 10 or 20 posts!!

Thx once again for this awesome space, and I wud be checking back on u quite often!

Happy Blogging!

Movie Mazaa said...

I do see that the archives are there down at the bottom, but if u chose to display just the last 4 months on the home page, the blog would load much quickly...

Once again, THANKS!!!

Adam said...

Interesting stuff... But one thing that comes to my attention is this kind of ads are all looking the same: Big pictures and very short sentences by a equally small product shot.

Is this some kind of fad among creatives? I think it's starting to stink already...

eladc6 said...

i gust wanted to say that i am glad the blog is back because in the last few days i had problems getting in.... and this blog is the light in the end of my tunnel

Bram said...

Hello, great collection you got here. Where are you from ? I'm studying advertising in Brussels, Belgium and maybe you'll find these links interesting. Some of Belgiums finest ad agencies.

www.lgf.be (check out the Eristoff vodka commercial !)

I've got plenty more where that came from so if you're interrested you can email me at ceuppie@hotmail.com, i'll give you my gmail then, it's just that I don't really want to post that anywhere.

Keep up the good work.

vibhor said...

wonderful ad...
such a simple and apealling one...